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The VisionsTEFL will provide all the assistance and if necessary paperwork needed to process your visa. When you are working/studying in Thailand the same assistance will be given but please note that the student will bear the full cost of processing the visa either here in Thailand or abroad. The visa fee is between 50USD-100USD depending in which country you are applying in. The visa’s to apply for are called:
1.Non-Immigrant B Visa
Visa need to work in Thailand legally. Applicants from from Western Countries like the US and UK can be supplied paperwork to apply for this visa before starting the course in Thailand. All other applicants will receive this visa once they start working in schools in Thailand after signing contracts with the schools.
2.Ed Visa
Visa needed to study in Thailand and valid only for 3 months. This visa is for study purposes only.
3.Tourist Visa
Needed to enter Thailand for 2 months and easiest to get. This visa can be extended for another extra month here in Thailand for a fee of 1900baht. This visa can be converted into a Non-Immigrant B in Bangkok upon signing the contract but many applicants prefer to visit neighboring countries like Laos or Malaysia to get their Non-Immigrants B visas there because it is easier and they do want less paperwork as well.
*Please check with us first if you are not sure about the type of visa to apply for. Please note that The VisionsTEFL will not be responsible if your visa application is rejected due to reasons beyond our control e.g. applicant prior criminal record etc.*

The applicants must be aware at all times about their visa status when they arrive in Thailand.

Important Issues about Visas:
1.If you overstay your visa in Thailand, you will be charged 500baht per day
2.You can do and visa run in Thailand when you arrive if you manage to come without the proper visa into one of the neighboring countries of Thailand (Malaysia, Laos)
3.Please note that the Thai Immigration in Thailand can only extend your visa but cannot issue you with a new visa unless you have one already secured from another Thai Consulate in another country
4.Please inform your organization weeks before your visa runs out to enable them to prepare the paperwork needed.

Work Permit
The applicants will be provided with a permit when they start teaching in Thailand. The respective schools will process the work permits and the applicants must submit all required documents to enable the process. Every teacher will be processed a work permit even if you don’t desire one. Thai law stipulates that all foreign teachers working in Thailand must have work permits. About the question, who bears the cost of the work permit this will depend with your contract. Some schools pay upfront for the work permits; some after you finish the contract. Some schools pay half and some schools won’t pay at all. This will depend on your contractual negotiations when you arrive in Thailand.
Please note the following:
1. The work permit is to be surrendered back to the school/organization before leaving
2. A new work place will require a new work permit
3. Work permits take time to process 1-3 months depending on your organization/school.

The VisionsTEFL will provide accommodation during the TEFL Training Period. You will receive 3 weeks of free accommodation. Please note that your free accommodation will start the day before your TEFL Course starts. If possible, save some money to be able to pay for accommodation during the 1st month when you start working.

Assistance will be given all the way when you are looking for accommodation after the course in your placement areas. Some schools provide accommodation but the majority do not but they will assist you in finding suitable accommodation.The school staff will assist you all the way and all the help you need will be rendered. They will provide relocation assistance when necessary and they will show you all the options available but they will let you decide in the end.

Accommodations in Thailand and throughout SE Asia are generally smaller and have fewer
amenities than do Western style accommodations. Most of the schools we work with are in smaller or more remote areas of Thailand and thus do not have accommodations that are up to Western standards. *If you require (cannot live without) Western style amenities (A/C, fridge, TV, DVD, kitchen, washing machine, etc.), you will most likely not be happy working with us. However majority of the accommodations in the past have had A/C*

Laundry is easily and inexpensively done by many local ladies (300 – 500 baht/month) or at small coin-operated shops. There are internet cafes everywhere and are usually very cheap. Restaurants and street vendors are everywhere and usually very inexpensive. TV’s and DVD players can be purchased for a reasonable price, but there are many other things to do in Thailand other than watch TV and movies.

Teacher Trainees are required to provide the following documents to enable us to process their applications and visas
*Degree Copies.
*Degree Transcripts.
*Recent Pictures
*Passport Copies
*Police Report
This is very important because without these things we can’t process your visa and start your placement process as well.
Teachers will be required to bring or process extra documents when they start working like
pictures and medical certificates etc. This will enable their respective schools to process their work permits and respective licenses to enable their legal stay in Thailand.

Schools in Thailand will pay all new incoming teachers a salary between 30,000Baht (900USD)-
35,000Baht (1200USD). This amount will be deposited in to your bank account every month. Your salary will be calculated from the starting date that you start working. This means if you start on the 15th please expect to get a half salary etc.
You will be helped in setting up a bank account when you arrive in Thailand. Please note that you will need 1000Baht (30USD) to open a bank account which includes an ATM card and an initial deposit.
*Each school has a different pay day and please note that
*Each school pays in different banks and they will inform you and help you set up a bank account with that respective bank.

Job Description
A trained native English teacher should look forward to a maximum of 24 and a minimum of 16 classes per week involving 20-22 hours of teaching; not repeating a single class twice in a week sometimes but not always. The duration of a class is usually 50-60 minutes, depending on the school.
A teaching-week stretches from Monday till Friday, usually from 8:00 in the morning till 4:30 in the evening (timings vary with schools), scheduling and submitting lessons plans on a monthly basis. Attending the morning assembly at 8:00 am is also required. Thai schools don’t operate on Thai National holidays, Saturdays and Sundays. Also Thai school operate usually on Western holidays like Christmas and Easter, please be aware of that.
ESL teachers are expected to teach their classes, check attendance for their classes, give grades to students, check students’ progress, give tests and exams to students and be responsible for the courses are they handling. Teachers are also expected to attend English camps and extra-curricular activities that are organized in the school.
It is mandatory for all teachers in various institutions to respect all rules and regulations of the schools.

Dress Code for ESL Teachers
In schools, males are expected to wear formal pants (no jeans or cargo pants) and a button-up/ collared long or short sleeve formal shirt (no golf shirts). Formal shoes are accepted, no running shoes or sandals and please no unusual colors. Facial hair to be properly trimmed and presentable, earrings or visible facial rings (eyebrow, lip, nose, chin, etc) are not accepted. Visible tattoos are not accepted. Generally hair should be short and presentable. Males with long hair may be expected to wear it pulled back.
In schools, females are expected to wear knee length or longer skirts with a presentable blouse (no low cut or revealing shirts). Shoes should be dress shoes – open toe and high heel shoes are acceptable (no sandals or running shoes). Visible facial rings (eyebrow, lip, nose, chin, etc.) are not accepted. Earrings are accepted providing that they are not worn in excessive numbers (E.g.4 earrings in each ear). Hair should be presentable. Visible tattoos are not accepted.
Dress codes in Thai government schools may seem strict at first, but appearances and first impressions are extremely important in Thailand. If you are a teacher, you will be expected to dress accordingly especially in a school. Teachers are given so much respect in Thailand hence the need to dress up properly all the time.

Health / Illness
Travelers/health insurance for at least the duration you are here is a must-buy for those teachers traveling to Thailand to do the TESOL program. However, health care is cheap and of high standard in Thailand. Medication and doctor visits are amazingly inexpensive. The ESL teachers are eligible for sick leaves. However exceeding the allotted number of days salary gets deducted at a particular rate. Doctor’s note can act as proof of illness. In case of uncharted absences monthly salary is deducted. *Excessive illness without doctor’s certificate can cause loss of job for the ESL teacher.
Teachers are strictly forbidden from smoking within a Thai school premises. A fine of 2000baht will be paid if you are caught smoking on the school premises. Respectable females in Thai society do not indulge in smoking. However, it is not a taboo to smoke in public.
Intake of alcohol has to be beyond school hours; exceptions being parties or activities sponsored
by school on school grounds. Teachers are subject to dismissal if found untimely intoxicated/ under the influence of alcohol within the periphery of the school. Schools will not tolerate teachers who go to school intoxicated, they will be dismissed on the spot.
Narcotics and use of illegal drugs is strictly forbidden by our Institute and any teachers found in possession will be dismissed on the spot. The laws are strict and penalties are crushing for use and trafficking of illegal drugs in the country. Please desist from using drugs

All the information above is up to date and we change it with the changing times here in Thailand. Please feel free to email us directly if you want something clarified more…


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