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   TEFL Training Course plus Job Guarantee after certification
     Our 120 hour certificate in TEFL covers an extended syllabus. Many employers regard the standard for the profession as being a course which comprises a hundred or more hours of study time. There is a focus on lesson planning and practical teaching skills which will equip those who are new to the profession and inspire those who already have some experience.

  nbsp;  This course is ideal for those who wish to gain a professional qualification in Teaching English as a foreign language. An internationally recognized 120hrs (three weeks full time ) of TESOL certificate from, followed with immediate teaching placement in Thailand.The 120hrs TESOL certification provides all the skills and techniques needed when teaching ESL students.

     The Thai Cultural Course and Thai Language Course offered with this TEFL course helps you to adopt Thai way of life. The language course will offer you the helpful phrases that you will need to know in order to make your life easy in Thailand.

     An exciting ESL job for four (4) to 11(eleven) months in a Thai school after you finish the course is also included in the package. You will receive a competitive starting salary of 30 000baht (990USD) that comes with the job placement every month. You will get immediate placement in Thailand after the course plus free accommodation during the TEFL certification course

     Our All Inclusive Course offers,TEFL Certification, free accommodation during the training period, guaranteed job placement plus other things make our TEFL course great.

Program Offers
     We are currently offering two all-inclusive programs for both degreed and non-degree candidates. These courses are also open to non-native English speakers but they don’t come with a job guarantee

All Inclusive TEFL Course $ 1,250 USD
     (Premium package includes all our services)

TEFL Certification Course $ 900 USD
     (Allows student with TEFL certificates already to complete two weeks of in country training) Good for those who have done the TEFL course abroad but have never actually taught ESL before.

Guaranteed Placement
     *We have a 100% success rate in placing of our graduates.
     *Placement takes between 2-3 weeks after the TEFL certification
     *Candidates will be helped in making resumes during the 1st week of training

TEFL Course Structure

Course Outline:

Course Length: 3 weeks
Dates: Monday to Friday (Saturdays for Excursions)
Time: 8:30am-4:00pm


Our orientation will take place a day before the course starts every month in our center which will be also our training venue. The orientation program stipulates that the program will start at 9am and finish at 12am and the trainees will be free for the rest of that day so that they can be ready for the next day. The trainees will be picked up from the accommodation at 8:30am in the morning and they will be send back as well after the orientation class. Free lunch and refreshments will be provided as well. The trainees will get their training manuals,schedule,sim cards and they will also get to ask any questions that they may have before they start the class the next day. Introductions will be done as well so that we can get familiar with each other before the course starts


1. Introduction to Teaching English as a Foreign Language
2. Grammar
3. Teaching and Learning Grammar
4. Teaching Vocabulary
5. Teaching Productive Skills; Speaking and Writing
6. Teaching Receptive Skills; Listening and reading
7. Materials and Aids
8. Teaching Pronunciation
9. Lesson Planning
10. Teaching young learners and teenagers
11. Using course books effectively
12. Introduction to using the web
13. Thai Culture and language Course
14. Teaching Observation
15. Preparation and Organizing English activities
16. Classroom management
17. Teaching Practice
[The trainees will get a chance to teach real students in a real classroom. The class size will vary and some classes will be big as many as 40 students and some classes will be small as many as 10 students in total. The trainees will also get a chance to teach all levels of students from kindergarten to advanced students studying in universities. We aim to prepare you because our course is very practical and after you leave us, you will be ready to teach any level/age group of students.]

Major Areas of Evaluation

TEFL students will be evaluated in many areas and some of the major areas that you are going to be evaluated on include the following:
•Practical Teaching
•Written Exercises
•Character and Attitude towards Teaching
•Materials Preparations ( Teaching Aids)
•Lesson Planning
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Our TEFL Certification program is open to all nationalities,races and religions.Everyone is invited to come and join our course and get TEFL certified. No experience in teaching is necessary if one want to join our course because after you finish our course, you will be ready to face the students on your own and confident as well.
In terms of educational qualifications, no degree is necessary if one wants to join our TEFL Certification program. Your don’t have to have a degree to qualify for our program because this course is designed in a way that even non degree holders can attend and get the same qualification as the degree holders.
After your finish the course, you will be given your 120hrs TEFL Certificate and this certificate can be used anywhere around the world as a form of teaching qualification because our TEFL Certificate is fully accredited.

Our Promise

VisionsTEFL 120 hours TEFL course program will help you in many ways to prepare you in becoming a teacher. The course cover all the basics about teaching English as a foreign language but also goes further by taking on those challenging topics like teaching grammar.
The course has been structured in a way that you are prepared for everything that you met when you become a teacher from teaching techniques, lesson plans, dealing with students and all aspects of the Thai Culture.



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